A Journey in the Right Direction

journey_english_coverA Journey in the Right Direction: English; Read Version - Print Version

Eine Reise in die Richtige Richtung

journey_german_coverEine Reise in die Richtige Richtung: German; Read Version German - Print Version German


journey_russian_coverПУТЬ В ПРАВИЛЬНОМ НАПРАВЛЕНИИ: Russian; Read Version Russian - Print Version Russian

Un Viaje Direccion en la Correcta

journey_spanish_coverUn Viaje Direccion en la Correcta: Spanish; Read Version Spanish - Print Version Spanish

Op weg in de juiste richting

journey_dutch_coverOp weg in de juiste richting: Dutch; Read Version Dutch - Print Version Dutch

Barefoot Ministries Youth Resources

barefootBarefoot Ministries Youth Resources (you will be taken to a new site in a different window)


BEDOGOBE. DO. GO. emphasizes our three core NYI strategies - evangelism, discipleship, and leadership. (You will be taken to the Global NYI site in a new window.)

Jesus for a New Generation

Jesus New GenerationJesus for a New Generation is a way for Nazarene youth to support NYI ministries around the world. (You will be taken to the Global NYI site in a new window.)