The Moncalieri Church of the Nazarene, Italy, cleans up after newly renovated building is flooded.

After three days of heavy rain in northern Italy at the end of November, which caused widespread flooding and killed two people, the sanitation system in the neighborhood of Moncalieri Church of the Nazarene could not unload the rain waters into the river because it was over-flooded. The water backed up in the piping system and in a couple of hours all the church’s neighborhood  was flooded. Basement cellars were filled up with dirty waters about two meters high. The church’s basement was also flooded: kitchen, fellowship room, Sunday school classes. This was after they had just finished renovating everything. The flood damage totalled €7,000.

It took a week for the church members to clean up, throwing away all the furniture and redoing the separation walls of the rooms, and two doors of the classrooms.  A love offering was gathered in all the Italy District churches to help with the cost to repair the damages.

The Moncalieri church, which averages 45 in sunday worship service attendance, is back to normal activities in their newly cleaned up church building.

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