Where is Croatia?


The Church of the Nazarene entered Croatia in 1999.

Organized churches
Licensed ministers


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  • With refugees making up a large percentage of the congregations, many people are in a place of transition. There is rapid turnover of leaders and lay people. It is hard to build and expand the church to a place of stability.

  • While Croatians are spiritually open, more immigrants and refugees are joining the church than native Croatians.

  • About 90 percent of Croatians belong to the prominent religion in the country. Often ethnicity and religion are seen as inseparable. Faith may be more a matter of culture and nationality than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.

Prayer requests

  • Please pray for the many Croatians who feel they need leave their nation to find employment and life resources elsewhere.

  • Ask God to help Croatian asylum seekers be successful as they go through the hardships of social integration.

  • Please pray for Christian churches in Croatia to be united in their faith and mission, especially while they are working to meet the needs of poor and discouraged people.

  • Pray for the Nazarene churches to find adequate worship space allowing ministries to expand.


  • Croatia is a welcoming country. People are receptive to conversations about God. Additionally, it is easy to make friends. People are generous with their time and openness.

  • Nazarenes are invited to work alongside other organizations ministering to refugees. This brought many people into the church and some into faith.

  • The Nazarene churches in Zagreb have outgrown their space and need more room for children’s ministries and a larger sanctuary.