Where is France?


The Church of the Nazarene entered France in 1977.

Organized churches
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  • France is a highly secular country with a deep and tortured history with Christianity. As atheism and agnosticism are the prevalent attitude it is difficult for the average French person to see the need for God in their lives.

  • Many government leaders in both small and large cities are doing everything they can to oppose the installation of churches and church organizations. This attitude is reinforced in the French education system where religion is presented to the student as being a crutch for weak and feeble-minded people.

  • This societal and cultural reality creates an environment where isolation becomes a significant challenge for anyone working in ministry.

Prayer requests

  • Ask God to raise up national leaders to advance His Kingdom in France.

  • As Nazarene churches engage in meeting needs and reaching their communities, pray for God to bless their efforts and lead them to people seeking God.

  • Pray that the theological learning center in France will grow and develop, spiritually forming and preparing leaders for ministry.

  • Pray for God to send resources for local churches who want to establish places of worship.