Where is India?


The Church of the Nazarene entered India in 1898.

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  • Sharing food and the compassion of Christ with people in crisis due to the 2020 pandemic’s crippling of economies.

  • Many who attend churches are elderly, or are children, and have been unable to participate freely since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • Poor people, and those in remote locations, cannot participate in video worship or church meetings due to lack of Internet, electricity or other necessary infrastructure.

  • People who are emotionally and psychologically affected by the pandemic need counseling and support, but churches face many obstacles and lack of resources to provide this help.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for pastors and lay leaders as they work hard to minister to church families, as well as many new connections made through compassionate ministry to church neighbours.

  • Pray for God’s sustaining grace and provision for the desperate people who have lost all ways of supporting their families due to the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences.

  • Pray for God’s provision to pastors who depend on support from their congregations.

  • Pray to the Lord of the harvest for more workers in this time where people are seeking and searching God.


  • Churches reach out to neighbours in the midst of their own hard times.

  • Many young people are involved in Nazarene ministry.

  • God has provided opportunities for churches to address people’s emotional, psychological, spiritual, and relational needs through webinars.

  • Compassionate ministries, such as the Reynolds Memorial Hospital, women’s empowerment groups, and other works are helping people experience Jesus’ love and the support of local faith communities.

Compassionate Ministries

  • NCM child development centers (CDCs).

  • Anti-human trafficking project to help sex workers and their children.

  • Water and Sanitation Hygiene project (WASH).

  • Child sponsorship for pastors’ kids.

  • Women’s empowerment projects Nazarene Nursing Training College.

  • Reynolds Memorial Hospital.