Where are Portugal and Azores?


The Church of the Nazarene entered Portugal in 1973.

The Church of the Nazarene entered Azores in 1984.

Licensed ministers
Ordained elders
Church members


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  • Nazarene churches are aging, and lack a numerous, flourishing next generation of youth and children. Many pastors will retire soon, with few younger pastors to replace them.

  • The relatively high cost of quality, Wesleyan theological education is an obstacle to young people who are called to pastoral ministry.

  • The churches need to find new ways to conduct effective evangelism and outreach ministry to their communities and native Portuguese.

Prayer requests

  • We pray for an awakening of local churches for evangelism, discipleship, and ministerial call.

  • Pray for needed change and growth in theological education.

  • Ask God to fortify the churches intensifying their investment in new pastors and new churches who will assume local and district responsibilities.

  • We need a spiritual strengthening for the churches to walk in unity and love.


  • Although older Portuguese are committed to their historical religion, younger Portuguese are more spiritually open to a personal relationship with God.

  • Portuguese people are passionate about modern, clean, and beautiful architecture and décor. Churches can attract the native population through contemporary and appealing worship spaces, as well as dynamic worship music and preaching.