Where is Germany?



The Church of the Nazarene entered Germany in 1958.

Organized churches
Ordained clergy
Church members


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  • Strong secularization of society.

  • Growing prejudices against the church within society.

  • Hardly any more given doctrinal or ethical beliefs.

  • The church has lost much of its passion for Jesus and his mission.

  • The churches are increasingly losing children and adolescents.

  • Lack of young people who are willing to serve as pastors the traditional way.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for a renewal of the Church in Germany. We need the love and passion for Christ in our hearts.

  • Please pray for willingness of the local churches to change where change is needed.

  • Please pray for brothers and sisters to have a vision and passion to plant new churches.

  • Please pray for our local churches to reach out effectively to families, children and youth.