Eurasia’s M+Power now offers opportunities to serve around the world through Nazarene Missions.

Eurasia is excited to announce a joint effort across all six world regions of the Church of the Nazarene to offer missionary training and assignment opportunities worldwide through Nazarene Missions.

Historically, M+Power has focused on sending short-term missionaries to assignments on the Eurasia Region. Going forward, missionary candidates will be able to join in with the mission of God and the Church of the Nazarene globally in a variety of assignments (both short and long-term) around the world.

As a ministry of the global Church, Nazarene Missions has been sending primarily North American missionaries for many decades. In the past years, this ministry has evolved into all six of our regional sending systems integrating as one. Together the regions prepare people to serve missionally and share opportunities to serve both regionally and globally. All Eurasians can access opportunities to serve through the Nazarene Mission’s Send Me website and be assessed and equipped to serve in places across the globe.

No. To avoid confusion, Nazarene Missions will be the name used across multiple regions including Eurasia.

The knowledge from the educational material that M+Power provided remains useful. The information from workshops is still in line with Nazarene Missions and is very helpful. Eurasia now participates in the global development and sharing of new training and deployment resources through Nazarene Missions. Therefore, expanded materials are available now with new branding, and training opportunities are on their way.

The system of M+Power is expanding. Nazarene Missions will replace the branding on all material, providing consistency across all the regions. Nazarene Missions allows Eurasians to serve globally and enables non-Eurasians to come and help us.

Yes, you may need to apply again or submit more paperwork. While some information from existing applications can be transferred, some data privacy laws and new requirements may make many applications incomplete. Please therefore submit your basic information through the button below, and then one of the Engage and Equip team will connect with you and help you to understand what needs to happen with your application moving forward.