Where is Spain?


The Church of the Nazarene entered Spain in 1981.

Organized churches
Church members


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  • Many immigrants come to Spain seeking a better life. After three years, they are eligible for legalization. Some come to the church for legal guidance and assistance with housing or work.

  • The Spanish culture is generally legalistic in its religious belief, while not faithfully adhering to it. A message of grace and holiness may be new to many Spanish.

  • The vast majority of Nazarenes have come from a different religious background, so initially, our worship style is both strange, yet appealing.  Worship services reflect a colorful cultural exuberance

Prayer requests

  • Pray that there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray that our students in theological education will complete their ordination requirements through service in the church, as well as their studies.

  • Pray that doors will be opened in new cities, especially across the southern part of the country, as Seville hopes to be a center for church-planting.

  • Pray all our churches catch a vision for equipping leaders.