Where is the Netherlands?


The Church of the Nazarene entered the Netherlands in 1967.

Organized churches
Licensed ministers
Ordained elders
Church members


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  • As the country is becoming more secular, churches need to find new ways of reaching people with the gospel. The old paths of doing evangelism are less fruitful.

  • Identity becomes a significant concern in a changing society. Nazarenes must stay true to our heritage while also meeting people where they are – helping them to understand the gospel.

  • Churches are striving to be recognized as safe places for children and the marginalized.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for believers in the Netherlands to receive divine discernment for how to hold tightly to enduring biblical truth and discipleship while engaging effectively with their highly secularized society, connecting people to God’s love.

  • Pray for God to provide opportunities for the Church to minister to the vulnerable, weak and marginalized.

  • Pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit defeating strongholds and drawing many to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.