Where is Albania?


The Church of the Nazarene entered Albania in 1993.

Organized churches
Church plants
Licensed ministers


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  • A primarily agricultural, rural nation, Albania suffers economic challenges, leading many working age people to seek employment outside the country.

  • This emigration drains communities and churches of youth, young families, and developing leaders.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing for unity, love, respect, and humility in the Albanian Body of Christ.

  • Pray for healing and restoration from traumatic events such as the 2019 earthquakes and COVID-19.

  • Pray for God to provide a worship space for the Kombinat Church.

  • Pray for God’s protection, peace and strength for pastors and their families, and for God’s continual financial provision.

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for fresh and creative ways to provide servant training, allowing more to be equipped, no matter their social or economic status.

  • Pray for the new areas and contacts, specifically in Peze and Bubullime, and for God’s plans for the area of Krutje.


  • New mission areas are operating in Sharre, Peze, and Bubullime. Leaders are envisioning a new mission area in Krutje.

  • Rural, underserved communities struggling economically are eager for services such as youth work, children’s programs, and small business or entrepreneurial training.

  • God is calling some teenagers and young people to remain in their communities trusting Him to meet their needs as they invest in the church and community.