The Church of the Nazarene has always placed a strong emphasis on education. In the Eurasia Region we offer education at all levels, from primary schools serving children and teenagers in the Middle East, to the course of study preparing pastors for ordination, to undergraduate, master’s level and postgraduate levels.

Our education is overseen by the Church of the Nazarene denomination’s International Board of Education, and is part of a network of more than 50 Nazarene educational institutions worldwide.

Nazarene Theological College

Nazarene Theological College, in Manchester, England, serves not only students from throughout Great Britain, but also India, Asia, Africa and North America. This cross-cultural community, in partnership with the University of Manchester, is preparing leaders in theological education with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. It is also the home of the Manchester Center for the Study of Islam and Christianity.


European Nazarene College

European Nazarene College, based in Germany, is also decentralized, serving more than 300 students in their own languages and cultural contexts, gathered in 17 learning centers across Eastern and Western Europe.


South Asia Nazarene Bible College

South Asia Nazarene Bible College is a decentralized network of educators and learning centers in which hundreds of people across India and South Asia undergo a three or more year course of study that prepares them for ordination, pastoring local churches or serving in other forms of leadership, including compassionate ministries and education.


Eastern Mediterranean Nazarene Bible College

The Eastern Mediterranean Nazarene Bible College is in Beirut, Lebanon.

Manchester Wesley Research Center

The Manchester Wesley Research Centre (MWRC) is a partnership of institutions and a community of scholars working together to promote research in the Wesleyan tradition. It serves as a resource for students, scholars, the church. The MWRC promotes and supports research on the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, their contemporaries in the 18th century Evangelical Revival, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan tradition, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan and Evangelical traditions.

The MWRC is located on the campus of Nazarene Theological College in the Manchester, UK, and is affiliated with the Methodist Archives, housed in The John Rylands Library. These research centres provide magnificent resources for students and researchers in this field.

You can connect with the MWRC via its Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.