Where is Nepal?



The Church of the Nazarene entered Nepal in 1998.

Licensed ministers
Ordained ministers
SANBC Learning centers
Media teams
Child Development Centers


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  • Due to the country’s special geography, Nepal has difficulty in developing basic infrastructures, such as universal access to clean water and good roads.

  • Although Nepal permits freedom of religion, followers of Jesus face discrimination.

  • Numbers of churches are increasing, but are scattered through a rough geographical settings. As a result, it is a challenge to develop more pastors and quality leaders.

  • Several congregations need adequate land and space for meetings but lack the funds to secure them.

Prayer requests

  • Ask God to generously meet the need of nearly a dozen churches lacking a proper place for regular meetings and other church related activities.

  • Ask God to supply the needed funds to continue providing critically needed, high-quality theological education and leadership training for lay people and pastors across Nepal.

  • Pray that God would grant more wisdom to the media teams for reaching people with the gospel in creative ways during the 2020 pandemic.

  • Pray for the children reached through CDCs and their respective families to accept the truth of Jesus.


  • 10 media teams are reaching people with the truth of Jesus.

  • 16 Child Development Centers are serving 985 children, extending ministry to their parents, allowing Nazarenes to build relationships with them.

  • South Asia Nazarene Bible College (SANBC) is educating and training 155 lay people and local pastors in 7 different learning centers. This is answering the great need for pastors and leaders in the district, which has hundreds of churches and thousands of members.

Compassionate Ministries

  • 16 child development centers (CDC) reaching nearly 1,000 children

  • 1,129 families received food from NCM during the 2020 pandemic

  • 7 drinking water wells installed.

  • 1 cooperative of 450 -500 members running a milk processing center.