Where is Armenia?


The Church of the Nazarene entered Armenia in 2002.

Organized churches
Church plants
Licensed ministers
Theological learning centers


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  • As the first nation to officially adopt Christianity, in the late 3rd century, Armenians are proud of their faith heritage. But many are cultural or nominal Christians, and are not aware they can have a personal, intimate, saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Armenians often view evangelical churches as cults, and regard them with suspicion.

  • Unemployment and migration prevent people from settling in the communities where our church is ministering.

  • While many women are spiritually open to the gospel, it has been more difficult to reach men.

Prayer requests

  • Pray that God blesses the Armenian missional leaders who are training for ministry, most of whom are young teenagers. Ask Him to give them the strength to honor their commitments to the Lordship of Jesus, and to grow in spiritual maturity.

  • Pray for peace and reconciliation with their neigboring countries.

  • Ask God to bless Armenia’s economic development, so the people can stay in the country and not feel forced to migrate for work.

  • Pray for our pastors and church leaders so they continue experiencing the life of holiness.


  • People are responsive and thirsty for the Gospel.

  • There are numerous opportunities to minister to children, youth and women.

  • Outreach to refugees who have resettled in Armenia has opened doors in helping new people grow in their faith or accept Christ for the first time.