Where is Denmark?

Where is Norway?


The Church of the Nazarene entered Denmark in 1960 and Norway in 2009. Finland is a pioneer area.

Organized churches
Church plants
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  • In Denmark, just under 75 percent of the population identifies with the nation’s historical religion, but just two percent attend church. Half of those church members report being agnostic or atheist.

  • Norway and Finland have similar a religious heritage, but most people are not committed church attenders.

  • Secularism, affluence, and postmodernism heavily influence the cultures.

Prayer requests

  • Pray we may hear God’s voice and be the church – an embracing community to our neighbors and newcomers.

  • Pray we will discover concrete ways to respond as a church to the needs that arise around us, especially to the growing sense of loneliness some experience.

  • Ask the Lord to help us be disciples who use opportunities to share Christ on our frontiers, in schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods.


  • Immigrant populations are spiritually open, and immigrant churches are growing.

  • Refugees from war-torn areas are receptive to material support, as well as friendship and spiritual conversation.

  • A Nazarene coffee shop named Sweet Surrender in Copenhagen is reaching the neighborhood through innovative ministry and becoming a social and spiritual home for an international group of volunteers.

Compassionate Ministries

  • Coffee shop ministry in Denmark.