When did you feel God’s calling in your life?

I became a member of the Church of the Nazarene in the first year of my marriage. I started to see God in many things around me. An area that I felt called to was to serve towards the elderly when I found out that for many of them it was hard to get to our Sunday services. One of the first things I did in ministry was to help them by driving them to church. Then God turned my attention to compassionate ministries and to families in need. After having seen their spiritual needs, I felt God’s calling to start learning theology so I would be able to help them in a spiritual way. So, God’s path for me has been driving the elderly to church – compassionate ministry – missions – being on church committees – and finally – learning to become a pastor and now serving as a pastor in which I still feel my calling.

What kind of ministry are you doing and where?

I have been serving the Földes Church of the Nazarene in Hungary since 2005. I started out as an assistant pastor but since 2007 I have been the full-time pastor of the church. I am also a member of several church committees.

What kind of initial hardships did you encounter in the past the now have become testimonies?

The first step of our ministry was my family having to move. My family had to move 60 kilometers away from our hometown which was a bit hard at first. Not the distance itself but the fact that we had to leave our church, our house, and our broader family behind. Another difficult thing we had to face at first was the fact that local people didn’t know us or the church. Many people thought many different things of our church so one of the first things we had to do was show them what we were really like. We felt God’s guidance throughout the whole journey.

In what areas did you particularly see God’s work around you?

After having moved to a different city we received huge help to find our place in our new church and our church became our new local family. After some time, God directed our attention towards building a worship band so I learned how to play the guitar and the drums, my children also studied music so that later they could be involved in church worship as well. Our ministry towards kids improved greatly through the relationships we had built. We served towards kids in the local kindergarten, school, and of course our Vacation Bible School. Over time we became a vital part of our community’s life and so we got more and more opportunities to present ourselves to others in our community. I believe that God has included us in the work He wanted to be done in Földes.

What prayer requests do you have for your church?

We would like to keep going on the path God has prepared for us. We would also like to broaden our fields of ministry, explore new ways to serve towards our community and build new relationships with people we can potentially do God’s work together in the future. Pray for the youth, and families around us so that they can find their spiritual home.