As part of my bachelor’s thesis, I contacted various ministries of the Church of the Nazarene in the Eurasia Region – including our new brothers and sisters in Luxembourg. This is how I got to know Antonio Cardoso, the leader of the work there.

In conversation with him, I learned that a Sunday School would be starting soon. In the Sunday School, Bible stories will be shared and the children can participate interactively by recreating the stories with Lego. Of course, this requires a lot of Lego! This sounded like a great project for us. Within the District, we called for donations of used and new Lego. In total, we were able to collect about 15 kg of Lego.

On October 10, we were pleased to welcome Antonio Cardoso to our church in Gelnhausen. Antonio is a software developer and leads the work in Luxembourg on a voluntary basis. The ministry of the Church of the Nazarene in Luxembourg is still very young. Antonio told us in the service about the founding of the ministry, the development so far and also what plans there are for the future. So far, the congregation consists mainly of Portuguese speakers. However, the desire is to be a church that reaches out to people of different languages. Already the church offers worship services, Sunday school for children and small groups. In addition, the community is built up and strengthened with special activities, such as canoeing, climbing and many more.

It was great to meet Antonio and to hear how the Holy Spirit is at work in Luxembourg and how God is blessing the ministry of the church there.

During the service we were able to present Antonio with the Lego donated by brothers and sisters in the German District.

Tanja Baum, Gelnhausen

Please pray for Antonio Cardoso and the team in Luxembourg as they seek to show and share God’s love with their community.

Lego for Luxembourg