Maria Gusztinné Tulipán, shares with us an update about how the churches in Hungary are helping provide aid and resources to those who are displaced from and within Ukraine.
The latest trip took place on 23rd April, which included taking clothes, medical, grocery and baby care items that the Nazarene congregations around the District had gathered, to which many other non-Nazarenes and other denominations had also contributed.

Our team went at the Easter weekend and prepared for an Easter celebration and served 230 people, they were also able to sing Easter songs and share the Easter message. They were ministering to 8 refugees from Russia, the rest were displaced from other places of Ukraine and the locals. This is the Zakarpatje area close to the Hungarian border.

The Sunday school children, families, NYI and pastors were asked to send drawings, video messages and songs recorded as an Easter greeting to the people. See attached pictures.

We have directly helped 350-400 people, and indirectly (not through personal contact) approximately 600 people that we know of…the rest is hard to count. Out of these, there are 150-180 children. We also helped some to come across the border, but most still want to stay in Ukraine, so we minister to some of the same people.

Our team is led by Vivien and Miklos from the Deberecn Church of the Nazarene. We have a storage place about 30 kms from the border, which is also set up as a shelter as needed.

So far our district has helped with clothes, food (even cooking meals locally and distributing), medical staff, sanitary items, a lot of diapers, mouth masks, sleeping bags, blankets, soap, hand sanitizers. The District aims to raise another 1,000 EUR for the next food supply.