The Nazarene youth of Portugal want to multiply their effectiveness: Rather than having one big event during the year, as in the past, they are investing in many small events.

While planning the events and talking with the local Nazarene Youth International (NYI) leaders, one word echoed in Danilo Aguilar’s mind: “limitless” (“Sem Limites” in Portuguese). Soon this became the theme for the district’s youth, conveying the idea that our God has no limits and we can do anything through Him.

With this in mind, the first district event happened 26-27 May. Youth from churches in the Lisbon area and the Azores Islands gathered for a mini-camp at the Casal Novo Church of the Nazarene.

Aguilar, a missionary in the Azores, as well as the youth coordinator for the Portugal-Azores District, said, “Thank the Lord, we had 50 youth show up for our first youth event for the year in Portugal! We were able to paint the children’s room and the pastor’s office, as well as have some quality fellowship time to build relationships among the youth. Pastor Walter Azevedo, Jr., the new Portugal District Superintendent, did great to inspire the youth to know that God has created them to live lives without limitations!”

On Saturday they formed small groups to work on different tasks. They wanted to impact not only the church, but also the community.

One group painted two rooms of the church — a small children’s Sunday School class and the pastor’s office, which is being converted into a church lounge area where people can talk and share some coffee before or after service. Now that the kids’ room was painted, it has since received more renovations and furniture so that the space is friendly and safe.

Two cleaning groups were also created. One cleaned the back of the church, making the space usable once again. The second group went through the community, picking up trash from the ground, and cleaned the front of the church. This shows the community that they care about them and care about keeping the church welcome to them.

The last group went out and played and socialized with people from the community, in an attempt to build comfort and trust between the church and its neighbors.

“I loved looking at the youth and seeing that we have an opportunity to make this time as a moment of maturing, commitment and growing for the Kingdom in Portugal,” said Pastor Walter.

By Nicole Almeida