It has been 50 days since an earthquake devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of families in Nepal. News from Nepal isn’t showing up much in media feeds right now, but the Church of the Nazarene is still responding.

The church in Nepal has distributed more than 25 tons of relief aid, including food, water filters, tents, and tarps, to communities in desperate need. And you have also been walking alongside those communities through your prayers and support. Thank you!

In the coming months and years, the church will work with families and individuals as they transition from relief to recovery. The church will help families rebuild their homes. It will build new child development centers that meet the educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of at-risk children. It will work with families as they take steps on a path out of poverty,  including self-help groups that equip women to build small businesses, nutrition education classes, backyard gardens that help families create food security, and life skills training.

As long as there are needs, the church in Nepal will continue to reach out to the least of these.