“For myself and my church, I hope for growth, deeper community connections, and the ability to reach more people in need,” Pastor Rafi Habib said. These goals have helped shaped Hibib’s ministry and the way he serves.

Rafi Habib serves as the pastor of the Arabic Church and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Polska coordinator in Warsaw, Poland. While holding this position, Habib hopes to support refugees and facilitate integration programs.

“My goal with these ministries is to provide spiritual support and community for Arabic-speaking Christians in Warsaw,” Habib said. “To also assist refugees in their integration into Polish society and offer practical help and resources to those in need, while fostering a sense of hope and belonging.”

Before he came to Poland, Habib attended the Church of the Nazarene in Damascus, Syria. With the church capturing his heart with their vision of missions, Habib gave his life to the Lord at the age of sixteen. The Lord was moving in his life while living in his home country. In 2015, due to the war, Habib left Syria to go to Poland, with invitations from the Church, along with sixty members of his family.

“I was attracted by the Church’s mission and values that resonate deeply with my beliefs, that’s what mainly prompted me to stay engaged with the church,” Habib said. Once working with the local church in Poland, Habib found his passion for serving others in his community, especially refugees and displaced people.

“NCM serves as a critical support system for refugees, addressing both their spiritual and practical needs,” Habib said. “Integrating refugees into Polish society helps them rebuild their lives and contributes to the broader community.”

As he has started this ministry, Habib has been able to invite young people with him as he does various NCM projects, showing them what it is like to run a ministry like this.

“We engage the younger generation through youth programs, interactive Bible studies, and involving them in community service projects to instill a sense of responsibility and belonging,” Habib said.

In order to become better equipped in this ministry, Habib decided to pursue higher education in 2017. Habib is currently in the process of ordination through European Nazarene College (EuNC).

“This journey involves balancing studies with pastoral duties, but it is a rewarding endeavor,” Habib said

As Habib has experienced God’s call, he hopes that the church will continue on its mission that captured his heart when he was young.

“In the next decade,” Habib said. “I envision the Church of the Nazarene in our region becoming more integrated with local communities, expanding its outreach, and adapting to the evolving needs of our diverse congregation.”

-article written by Kati Blaylock