After the April 25, earthquake devastated the country of Nepal, many of the rural communities that were affected were cut off from aid. When the Nazarene disaster response team showed up in the village of Tindara 10 days after the earthquake, they were the first group who had come to help. A large number of the more than 1,200 people living there hadn’t eaten since the earthquake, which had also destroyed the homes of every family there.

Rural communities were hard to access because the earthquake-scarred roads made it difficult to travel. The Nazarene team, made of pastors, volunteers, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries staff, traveled 6 hours each way to get to the families in Tindara.

They delivered enough food for more than 1,200 people — the entire community – to eat for a month.

Yet there are many more communities like Tindara still in need of help.


“If we do not get this food, we may die,” said Juamaya Tamang, a community member in Tindara. “We do not have anything in the house.”

“[To] those who brought and those who gave, tell them thanks from our heart,” Juamaya said. “You came while we suffer and you brought us these things and we are giving thanks from our heart.”

Will you give now so the church in Nepal can continue to meet urgent needs, including food, water, and shelter?

Will you walk alongside the churches in Nepal as they remind others of the love of Jesus?


How You Can Help

Pray for grieving families, pray for vulnerable children and families, pray for those responding to the disaster, and pray for our church leaders and members in Nepal.

Your donations to the Nepal Earthquake Response fund will be used to provide food, water, and shelter, as well as supporting long-term recovery efforts.