P&F 21 Days graphicThe Eurasia Region is inviting all its local communities to start this coming year with fasting and prayer, 18 January to 7 February. The objective is to unite Nazarenes across the region in a focused time of deepening their relationships with God, as well as with other people, and worshipping with God’s creation.

Prayer and fasting is one of the Eurasia Region’s four priorities.

The fast will draw on the theme of reconciliation from November’s Eurasia Regional Conference, with a different emphasis each week: the reconciliation of God-Human, Human-Human, and Human-Creation relationships.

Every day will feature a Scripture reading which participants are invited to reflect on as they allow the Holy Spirit to work in them.

Prayer and fasting calendar.jgpTo download more information, as well as a daily Scripture reading schedule, visit, or the region’s Facebook page, at All are welcome to translate the document for the purpose of sharing with your churches.

For more information, email Cezarina Glendenning, regional prayer and fasting coordinator, write to

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