Note: Every two years, each of the six Church of the Nazarene denomination’s general superintendents has jurisdiction over the church in one of its six world regions. At the end of the two years, these leaders are assigned to a new world area. This year, Dr. Gustavo Crocker transitions to another region, and Eurasia welcomes Dr. Eugenio Duarte as the new jurisdictional general superintendent.

As this is Dr. Eugenio Duarte’s first time to serve over the Eurasia Region, Where Worlds Meet asked that he share more about himself with us.

WWM: What would you like Nazarenes in Eurasia to know about you?

Duarte: I grew up in a Nazarene community on Brava Island, which is a part of the archipelago of Cabo Verde on the Central Atlantic Ocean, about 300 miles off the westernmost cape of the continent of Africa. I am an island boy and proud of my heritage.

  • I was saved and called to ministry at the age of 12. I have been a church member since the age of 15, and was sanctified at the age 17.
  • I miss being a pastor. I have enjoyed all I have done in ministry.
  • Prior to entering the ministry, I worked for a private business and for the Portuguese government.
  • I take time to observe before making a decision that may have lasting implications.
  • Changing good decisions already made can be frustrating to me.
  • I generally trust people. I am a listener. I start learning by listening and accomplish learning by doing. I believe there are times when people need suggestions and instructions and other times when their greatest need is to be listened to.
  • I enjoy investing in the lives of others and I rejoice in seeing their success.
  • I enjoy problem solving but I do not invite myself into a situation without clarity of expectations.
  • One of the personality tests that I have taken scored me as 11 percent introvert, 25 percent intuition, 38 percent feeling, and 67 percent judging.
  • According to Strengths Finder my top five strengths are (1) Belief (2) Responsibility (3) Learner (4) Arranger (5) Connectedness.

WWM: Do you have a vision or some goals you hope to communicate to Eurasian Nazarenes during the next two years?

Duarte: I will state it as a prayer: That steadfast to our mission, (To Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations) and our message (Scriptural Holiness), the pragmatism of our flexibility in methodologies and systems will never compromise the character of our commitment to take every opportunity to present Jesus to everyone in every corner of our communities.

WWM: What do you enjoy and look forward to about working with one region, specifically, for two years?

Duarte: I enjoy and look forward to the permission that individuals give me to make a contribution to their personal growth and development as followers of Jesus. In the process, I also enjoy my personal growth. I love the beauty of communities formed by such individuals and the diversity that they add to the body of Christ. The variety of perspectives, cultures, and worldviews that I have the blessing of interacting with make me a better Christian and a better Nazarene, and always they prepare me for the next step in ministry. I am so grateful!

One of the beauties of our global church is that the global leaders are not global leaders by virtue of their election or appointment, but as a result of their being exposed to the global nature of a church that is essentially the same everywhere, yet philosophically and practically not expressed the same everywhere. Eurasia is the only Nazarene World Region that I have not had the blessing of interacting with and ministering to as general superintendent in jurisdiction. I am looking forward it.

WWM: What are some challenges regarding the assignment?


  • My inability to meet all the expectations.
  • The overwhelming spiritual, social, and economic needs of the people.
  • The limitations of time and other resources to minister to all who need and expect the service of the general superintendent.
  • The stress of being away from home.
  • The stress of concerns with safety.

WWM:  What do you hope to learn or experience about Eurasia and its Nazarenes in the next two years?

Duarte: Most of all, how the fascinating history of the church on this continent is impacting today’s mission, and how the missional model of church growth and development in Eurasia influences the worldwide denomination.

WWM: Do you have a specific message you would like to share with the Eurasian Church before you come?

Duarte: These are days of great opportunities for the church everywhere. Let us not miss the opportunity God is placing before us —individually and collectively.

Please help me serve you well. Your prayers will be invaluable to Maria and me, and to our children (Sérgio, Francisco, and Richard) and grandchildren (Gabriel and Ben Amar).

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