This June, Nazarene youth from  across Eurasia, and even from the United States, will gather at two Nazarene Youth International (NYI) convention sites on the region: Hyderabad, India, and Manchester, England.

This is the third time in the last 12 years for Global NYI Convention to hold regional convention sites outside of the United States, simultaneous with the convention site in Indianapolis.

“We’re decentralizing the convention — the convention will happen everywhere,” said Diego Lopez, Eurasia Regional NYI leader.

About 110-120 people are expected to attend the England site, and Lopez hopes as many as 180 will attend in India. The Central California District is also planning to send their NYI delegates to Manchester, rather than Indianapolis; the Northen California District will send its delegates to India. Additionally, following the convention at the Manchester site, the young people are staying for a six-day mission project across the British Isles.

Lopez said that nearly 80 percent of delegates expected to attend this year have not participated in an internationl NYI event before.

“We are excited about sending a few dozen youth from Central Europe to the NYI Convention and mission experience in Manchester,” said Jay Sunberg, field strategy coordinator for Central Europe. “Momentum for NYI is building in Central Europe and this event will propel that momentum further.

“We think it is critical for the development of the church to provide opportunities for [youth] to experience the wider church family and to be involved in mission,” Sunberg added. “This event does both. We pray that the event’s excitement will be brought back to districts and local churches across Central Europe and more young people will give their lives completely to Christ and answer His call to lifelong ministry.”

According to the NYI convention website: “The Global NYI Convention takes place every four years, just before the Church of the Nazarene General Assembly. NYI delegates participate in the business necessary to advance youth ministry. At convention, delegates are also equipped to reach young people for Christ as they implement discipleship in their lives and are empowered for ministry.”

The groups at each site will lead 20 minutes of worship for all the sites, via a two-way video feed. On the final evening, all the sites will join in the first worship service of the 2017 General Assembly, happening in Indianapolis.

“This year, [NYI} is not focusing so much on business, we’re focusing on vision-casting,” Lopez said. “In four years, NYI will be 100 years old. We’re going to spend a lot of time speaking in small groups, and casting vision, so business will be reduced to a minimum. We’re trying to figure out what NYI should look like, moving forward.”

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