Global Nazarene Youth International (NYI) leaders provided leadership development training to India Field’s NYI Council members at Bangalore 20 to 21 October 2018.

Every district in the India Field has an active NYI ministry, made up of more than 23,000 youth. Numerically, the India Field has is the sixth largest NYI membership in the world. Global NYI leaders thought it is imperative to train the India Field NYI Council and district leaders with basics of NYI and leadership development.

India Field NYI Coordinator Rev.Vijay Bhalerao gathered NYI district presidents and district representatives at Bangalore.

On day one, all these leaders participated in leadership training through various physical activities at a center called Breakthrough. Leadership lessons included:

  • Leadership is sharing and utilizing every member’s creativity and contribution towards achieving a goal.
  • United efforts bring faster and better results.
  • Christ’s love has the potential to turn the attackers into the protectors.
  • Christian humility
  • Proper, constant mentoring and encouragement brings out the best from the team members and helps them overcome fear.

Day two began with a devotional by Rev. Simon Jyothi, principal of South Asia Nazarene Bible College, to develop the character of Nazarene youth so they are ready for both the present and the future.

(Former) Global NYI Director Rev. Gary Hartke shed light on three essentials of the Global NYI mission: BE DO GO ( He shared information about online NYI resources and encouraged the field council members to translate the material into local languages. He provided essential leadership development training based on four C’s: Competence, Character, Commitment, and Chemistry. He also provided training on models of fundraising.

India Field Communications Coordinator Rev. Rajiv Yangad presented five definitives of discipleship.

A Timothy Award was presented to Mr. Thangchinkhup Singson from North East India District for his years of leadership and service to local and district NYI.

Shreya Yangad, a representative from Central Maharashtra District, said, “I have understood the core of leadership through these meetings. I am highly impressed with the Christlike humility of the leaders here and I plan to imitate them in my life.”

Diego Lopez, Eurasia NYI leader said, “We had a great time together. Everyone participated very enthusiastically and together we committed to continue helping develop leaders for the benefit of the local church. There was a lot of energy in the room. We all went away hopeful for India and its future.”

India Field Coordinator Rev. Vijay Bhalerao was well pleased with the results of the training and said, “It is so encouraging to see several districts supporting their NYI leaders to attend the training. I am committed to training NYI leaders throughout the year on the district level. I am sure the training provided here is going to build the district youth for Christlike leadership.”

This article was written by Rev. Rajiv Yangad and previously published in the December 2018 edition of Where Worlds Meet.