We are delighted to be able to share some additional photos and information from our Nazarene Nurses Training College (NNTC) Graduation and Lamp Lighting Ceremony earlier this year.
From 14th – 15th May, family and friends, celebrated with 32 graduates and 55 Lamp Lighting students at their commissioning service. The ceremony started with a procession of the teachers, graduates and first year students, followed by songs of worship, prayers, words of greeting and the graduation ceremony.
Rev. Jim Ritchie, Rev. Sunil Dandge, Dr. Thomas S Ram and Dr. Vijay Anand conferred the graduates and prizes were awarded by Mrs. Maggie Ritchie for academic achievement. Graduates Ms. Nikita Thakare and Ms. Vaishnavi Kolhe responded with words of gratitude on behalf of the students.
The Lamp Lighting Ceremony is a significant moment for all new nursing students, as they wear their uniforms for the first time and honour Florence Nightingale and remember Jesus, as the Light of the World. The main lamp was lit and then faculty proceeded to light the lamps of the 55 new students, which symbolises wisdom, knowledge and compassion – which was followed by an oath by the new students, pledging themselves to uphold the duties as a professional nurse.
We thank God for all the students at Nazarene Nurses Training College and for the faculty and staff that serve, educate and equip so faithfully.
? shared with permission from Rajula Asir, Principal of NNTC