Bangladesh church supports Nepal efforts

Two disaster experts from the Church of the Nazarene in Bangladesh, Samuel and George, arrived in Nepal May 7 to support the short-term and long-term relief efforts conducted by the church in Nepal.

Bangladesh, neighbor to Nepal, is prone to cyclones, floods, droughts, and tidal surges. As a result, the church in Bangladesh has extensive experience in bringing relief and compassion to people suffering from natural disasters.

Immediately after the first earthquake in Nepal on April 25, the church in Bangladesh extended an offer of assistance. Nepal District Superintendent Dilli gladly accepted the gesture of love and support. Bangladesh Nazarene Mission sent a copy of their assessment training manual, which the Nepal relief team found helpful in preparing their team for their first expedition to evaluate needs in a remote village called Tindhara, and helped them successfully bring aid a few days later.

“It’s my privilege to come here and stand alongside the team and help the people in the time of disaster,” Samuel said. “I had an experience in proposal and report writing, so I want to utilize my expertise to help NCM Nepal to develop their proposals and need assessment.”

Eurasia Regional Director Arthur Snijders was pleased with the cooperation between Nazarenes leaders in the countries.

Where Worlds Meet – May 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.17.14 PMInside this months’ edition of Where Worlds Meet, you will find out how Nazarenes are moving forward with helping people in Nepal; how the Nazarene church in Sofia, Bulgaria, is planning a new ministry center; meet two Nazarenes from Bangladesh sent to Nepal to help with disaster relief; and more.

Download the May edition of Where Worlds Meet.

Second earthquake hits Nepal

NepalEarthquakeA 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest, May 12. This quake comes just two weeks after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated the country, killing more than 8,000 people and destroying entire communities. At least 39 more people have been confirmed dead and more than 1,000 people are injured.

Nepal District Superintendent Dilli was in a warehouse where the Nazarene Disaster Response team was receiving additional aid for families in need when the quake hit.

He explains the mood in the area as one of fear.

“Today was a hard day because many pastors called me,” Dili said. “People are scared. They are scared to sleep in their houses. The pastors said they all need tents, and everyone in their churches need tents.”

Dilli added that several emergency relief organizations were beginning to wind down their efforts, but there is still need for emergency assistance.

Yesterday, the Nazarene Disaster Response team (made of church leaders, volunteers, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries staff) offloaded a shipment of thousands of pounds of food, tents, hygiene kits, and water filters. The team will continue to distribute items to communities in need.

In addition to those affected by the new earthquake, there are many remote communities in Nepal who are still waiting to receive aid, according to the UN.

7 families in one tent

Watch a video of some members of 7 families, which includes Nazarene church members, in Kathmandu who are all sharing one tent after the April 25 earthquake collapsed their houses.

One bag of rice means a lot!