Region prepares to open work in Greece in 2016

The Church of the Nazarene is developing plans to send a pioneer ministry team to open Nazarene work in northern Greece in the summer of 2016.

HerndonsMissionaries Joshua and Shannon Herndon, who have spent the past five years serving in Spain, will relocate to a suburb of Thessaloniki to lead the work, and are currently developing the strategy, raising funds to support the ministry, and identifying potential volunteer members to join the team.

Leaders in the Eurasia Region believe that in light of the financial crisis in Greece, now there is historic opportunity to minister to the socio-economic, as well as the spiritual needs, of the Greek people.

The Herndons, in their proposal to the Eurasia Region director, wrote that numerous other Christian organizations and denominations who have worked in Greece for many years describe a vast spiritual poverty in the country.

“The Greeks, in general, have tried to expel the Greek Orthodox church from their lives, resulting in an overall disregard for Christianity,” Joshua stated in the proposal. “It was stated to us (by multiple leaders of multiple organizations) that only 2 percent of the population attends church regularly, and there are only about 25,000 born-again believers in the entire country.”

At the same time, the population is suffering economically.

Where Worlds Meet – August 2015

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Inside this month’s edition of Where Worlds Meet, you will:

  • find out how Armenian Nazarenes are helping struggling families through livestock projects;
  • learn how Nazarenes have been successfully evacuated from a Middle East country;
  • hear from the regional director about the importance of indigenous holiness theology and practice;
  • and more.

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United We Stand: Youth from CIS gather at NYC

“You were all called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together, both outwardly and inwardly. You have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all. Everything you are and think and do is permeated with Oneness.” (Ephesians 4:4-6, MSG)

The Group PhotoLed by NYI President Sasha Lyansburg-Ferns, and missionary, Joseph Sumi, a group of ten CIS youth leaders organized a Nazarene Youth Conference which took place in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, in July. Over a hundred young people from six CIS countries – Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia and two countries in Central Asia – got together for worship and fellowship.

Considering the political events of the last two years, the tension between Russia and Ukraine, and (peaceful) protests in Yerevan, Armenia, right before the conference, one major concern was whether the youth would be able as Christians to rise above these political issues and live out their identity in Christ, and spend time together in worship and fellowship. With so many people praying for it, God answered the prayers, and there were no barriers at all.

“In these five days of the youth conference, God has reminded me that Christ has defeated the powers of this world on His cross and our God is much stronger than the one who is trying to divide us,” said Davide Cantarella, speaker at the conference as well as a missionary on the CIS Field.

Where Worlds Meet – July 2015

Inside this months’ edition of Where Worlds Meet, you will

  • meet a young woman in the Middle East who led her entire family to Christ;
  • learn how Nazarenes are being evacuated from a Middle East country;
  • learn how Indian youth are casting new vision and strategy for youth ministry;
  • and more.

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Paris churches put their love into practice

IMG_1453It started out in 2009 with feeding a hot, homemade meal every Thursday evening to about 100 people in need in the 18th district of Paris, France.

Today, the Paris food ministry has evolved from weekly hot meals to a multi-pronged ministry of compassion that is reaching people in need across the city with food, the opportunity for developing loving relationships, and now one church is even providing temporary shelter to people with nowhere to live.

The food ministry, an initiative of Nazarene Youth International (NYI) of France, is run by local Nazarene church members from several churches in Paris, along with other people in the community who have caught the vision and joined the effort. The ministry registered as an official, government-recognized association called JNI France Ministry (JNI is French for NYI), and has developed a relationship with three major grocery chains, representing 35 stores, which donate fresh produce and nonperishable food items that are near or past their expiration date.

The association distributes food six days a week in six locations, feeding an estimated 200 families.

“It’s becoming a force on the district,” said missionary Brian Ketchum. “All the churches are seeing that as a vehicle to reaching needs of people around them.”

And now the Nazarene churches in Paris are about to embark on a new, innovative outreach: a food truck, which will drive around the city and offer sandwiches, hot soup and coffee to people living on the streets.