24 hours of prayer 2023

Asking Nazarenes across the Eurasia Region to join in 24hrs of prayer to start the year, seeking the Lord!

On January 27, 2023, there will be approximately 22 hours of daylight across the region. Prayer will start a hour before the sun rises on Eastern Russia and stop a hour after the sun sets on the Azores.

Please help us spread the word. Local churches, districts and groups will need to arrange their own 24hr prayer teams. We will all be praying together as the sun rises in the east of our region on January 27th untill it sets on the west of our region. What an amazing day of seeking the Lord together it will be.

Prayer requests


  • We are working on scheduling some important leadership meetings in 2023. Unfortunately, because of COVID 19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we had to delay some important and needed leadership activities. We trust we will be able to schedule some of these activities in 2023.
  • The Transiberia Railroad and Central Asia church planting movement has been on stand by because of COVID 19. We pray that the Lord helps us revive the vision and give us His wisdom to reimagine this project.
  • For the Church of the Nazarene in Eurasia North while navigating these difficult times of war and uncertainty. We continue praying for peace, reconciliation, and justice, and please pray for our Ukrainian and Russian pastors.
  • For the Ukrainian district. At this moment, we are praying and trying to restructure the district with the remnant of leaders.
  • For our Mission Team as we continue our call to make Christlike Disciples in every corner of our field. Especially our prayer is for the new generation of missional leaders we are helping to mentor and disciple in our churches.
  • For our family, as we continue our journey as leaders in this field. Our health, as well as Lia, develops.


  • Pray for the theological educational transition
  • Pray for the district in war zone, and conflict zones
  • Pray for our primary and secondary schools in the Field – in Lebanon and Jordan
  • Pray that God will raise up key leaders to coordinate the key ministries for the districts
  • Pray for refugee ministries
  • Pray for Arab leaders to support the reaching out ministries
  • Pray for the young adults not to be lost in the busyness of life but to stay and participate in the church body
  • Pray for the new people – how to connect with them and grow in faith
  • Pray that God will raise more leaders – especially men, since we have more women in ministry roles
  • Pray for provision for the compassionate ministry‬



  • The new work in Luxembourg and the Gonzales family as our missionaries there
  • The areas of growth and fresh expression of the church all over Northern Europe, despite secular and cultural challenge
  • New churches amongst immigrant communities and people coming to NE with missionary zeal who are helping the church grow
  • A great team of DS leaders who work together


  • The challenge of church decline and secularism
  • A new DS for Switzerland
  • Young leaders to be raised up
  • The whole people of God to be released in ministry and mission


  • Pray for the continued spiritual development of pastors and leaders. Pray for God to continue to lead them to high levels of integrity, Christian character, and holiness.
  • Pray for the Field Team as they intentionally invest in the development of field and district leaders and focus on teaching, preaching, and training on practical holiness and resource stewardship.
  • Pray for the relaunched Theological Education courses in Bangladesh and the 155 District licensed ministers who have started the course of study.
  • Pray for creative, relational ministries to be effective in the South Asia Creative Access Nation. God is at work!
  • Pray for the upcoming District Assemblies across the nations of the SAF.
  • Pray for the 6 Districts with new District Superintendents in the last year.
  • Pray for a continued movement away from foreign-funded ministries and for churches and church members to generously give their two coins regularly to their local churches.
  • Pray for SAF churches and Districts to be strong and healthy as they see their primary resources come primarily from the ground up and only secondarily from the outside in.
  • Pray for the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow across villages, towns, cities, and nations. Pray for transformation in people and places.
  • Pray for the growing integration between NCM projects and the life of the local churches on the SAF.


  • Praise God for the growth of the Church in India (members and Pastors)
  • Praise God for the protection and guidance of the Congregations in most parts of India.
  • Pray for the legal battle being fought in Supreme Court on the Anti Conversion Issue on a national level.
  • Pray for God’s provision for the small Congregations and small Christian Organisations in remote areas.
  • Pray for the in-depth discipleship of younger generations in India


  • Pray for the Albania/Kosova and Bulgaria districts as they have transitioned to new national DSs (Ergest Biti and Zhaneta Georgieva-Yordanova).
  • Pray for the ongoing work across the field with refugees.
  • Pray for pastors and leaders of all our churches to be effective in ministry across the field.
  • Pray for the youth of the CEF that they will be passionate for Jesus and be open to God’s leading in their lives.