Where is Latvia?


The Church of the Nazarene entered Latvia in 2019.

Latvia is a pioneer world area.

Ministry began by supporting existing social services and establishing a partnership with the Salvation Army.


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  • The different cultural challenges in Latvia are related to problems inherited from the past.

  • The population is diverse, not united by the same language, which adds to existing tensions.

  • Significant numbers of people and families suffer in economic need.

  • Many children live with their grandparents or distant relatives because their parents left to find better jobs to provide for their families.

Prayer requests

  • Please pray for God’s guiding and blessing on the government-registered Nazarene Compassionate Ministry as it ministers to families and children in crisis in the capital city of Riga.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to develop local Latvian leaders who share ministry vision with the local Nazarene leaders.

  • Ask God to call a local pastor for our first Nazarene church in Latvia.

  • Please pray the growing group of new disciples will find the right building to open the first Nazarene social center, for Sunday worship services and activities.

  • Please, pray for needed resources and a clear vision from God.

Compassionate Ministries

  • A Nazarene Compassionate Ministry was registered with the government in September 2019.

  • The first Bible study in Latvian/Russian launched in January 2020.

  • The second Bible study in English started in May 2020.