Nazarene schools in Jordan create space for love and welcome.

Sami* and his family fled a country nearby Jordan after experiencing extreme trauma and violence. When he arrived at one of the two Nazarene schools that have served students in Jordan for decades, he struggled with anger and couldn’t relate to the other students. But after months of consistent, trauma-informed care and support from teachers and students, he is learning to be a team player and build friendships of his own. “Now, we are so proud of him,” says Ms. Hanaa, his English teacher.

Around three hundred students attend the two schools, where the goal has always been to serve the children as well as possible. Some of the students, like Sami, are living as refugees or are facing extreme financial hardship. No matter what, children are welcomed and accepted.

“First of all, this place it is for everybody,” Principal Layla says. “It gives a chance for [all children] to hear a message of love.”

The first Nazarene school in Jordan opened nearly 70 years ago with the mission to serve compassionately.

The schools in Jordan originally opened to serve refugees from Armenia, a mission that still shapes their ethos of compassion.

Today, students from at least seven countries attend the two schools.

As part of the Nazarene Child Development Programs, the schools prioritize holistic care for children. The pandemic was a particularly difficult time for teachers and students alike.

“The most important point is that we look after the children here,” says principal Layla. Some students have experienced severe trauma – the schools provide informed care and support.

*Children’s names are changed for protection.

photos by Callie Stevens

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