Two disaster experts from the Church of the Nazarene in Bangladesh, Samuel and George, arrived in Nepal May 7 to support the short-term and long-term relief efforts conducted by the church in Nepal.

Bangladesh, neighbor to Nepal, is prone to cyclones, floods, droughts, and tidal surges. As a result, the church in Bangladesh has extensive experience in bringing relief and compassion to people suffering from natural disasters.

Immediately after the first earthquake in Nepal on April 25, the church in Bangladesh extended an offer of assistance. Nepal District Superintendent Dilli gladly accepted the gesture of love and support. Bangladesh Nazarene Mission sent a copy of their assessment training manual, which the Nepal relief team found helpful in preparing their team for their first expedition to evaluate needs in a remote village called Tindhara, and helped them successfully bring aid a few days later.

“It’s my privilege to come here and stand alongside the team and help the people in the time of disaster,” Samuel said. “I had an experience in proposal and report writing, so I want to utilize my expertise to help NCM Nepal to develop their proposals and need assessment.”

Eurasia Regional Director Arthur Snijders was pleased with the cooperation between Nazarenes leaders in the countries.

“As Eurasia Region, we are giving priority to ‘interconnectedness’ within our very diverse region — the biblical principle that everyone is called to receive and to give,” he said. “The Nepal earthquake shows what this means in practice: the needs of Nepal are met by Nazarenes from Bangladesh, who share what they have received as a result of the many disasters in their own country. I heartily commend our Bangladesh church for their reaching out to their brothers and sisters in Nepal.”

Rev. Nathan, field strategy coordinator for the South Asia Field, appreciated the assistance as well.

“I am very happy that as a neighbor country, Bangladesh are able to send two experts for working closely with NCM team in Nepal,” he said. “Church of the Nazarene members in Bangladesh and Bangladesh Nazarene Mission workers also contributed one day’s salary for Nepal brother and sisters.”