Johs Orsoe - DenmarkFor Johannes Orsoe, the roar of a Harley signals the opportunity to contact another soul for Christ.

Johannes, or “Johs” as his friends call him, gave his life to the Lord while touring the United States in 1980. In a van parked at the Flagstaff Church of the Nazarene, he surrendered to God. He became a member of the Church of the Nazarene in 1981 and he and Lone, his wife of 33 years, have served the Lord ever since.

Johs’s pastor, Kaj Ove Bollerup, says that Johs has served in the Greve Church of the Nazarene in Denmark since he was a young man. Johs began a worship ministry in 1982 with a guitar. God blessed the ministry and brought in a lot of people who could play instruments. By 2003, they had three bands. Johs and Lone also worked with the children and youth of the church. Lone is a kindergarten teacher and Johs is an officer at a high security prison in Copenhagen.

“When Lone and I were off our daily work, we used all our time in the church to serve the Lord,” Johs said.

DenmarkHowever in 2003, Johs thought he should do more. He prayed about it and in 2004 felt a call to the hardcore biker environment. His family and church joined him in prayer and Johs reached out to a Christian Harley-Davidson club, Exodus-MC. He had many talks with the club during 2004 and 2005.

Becoming a member was difficult. He went to many meetings and observed their work with hardcore biker groups. Johs started out as a “hanger” — just hanging out with the group and learning.

“When the group can see that the Lord works with you and you fit in, then you become a ‘prospect,’” he said.

It can take a year and a half. Everything involved with the process rests upon prayer. The club uses one evening a month where the Christian bikers fall upon their knees and pray, drawing closer to the Lord. In 2008, Exodus graduated Johs as a full member and he began his ministry.

Johs’s church at Greve prayed for his mission and was informed by Johs’s many testimonies, but has gotten more involved in just the last few years. Pastor Bollerup said, “. . . in sending Johs, the church recognizes the importance of this ministry and Johs’s gift, passion, and call for reaching people, especially bikers for Christ.”

Just a few weeks ago, as the Greve Church of the Nazarene gave a summer party, Exodus bikers, church families, neighbors in the community and refugees gathered to fellowship and worship. The gospel choir sang, Johs and his band “Good News” played, Exodus bikers gave their testimonies of deliverance from addictions, and God touched hearts. Four prayed for salvation and Johs led another man to Christ. All five are now connected with the church as they are discipled.

The men and women of Exodus, including Johs, are following God’s commandment to “Go” and are unafraid to share Christ with men and women most people have written off as impossible to reach.

Frank would have been one of those had it not been for the grace of God.

“It is very strange that in the real world, two men from two very different kind of lifestyles can be best friends,” Johs said. “However, for the Lord nothing is impossible.”

Denmark-map-detailFrank grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive family. He did poorly in school and grew up to be physically huge, and emotionally hardened. One day, when his father beat him, Frank broke his father’s arm. That day he moved in with his boss, a plumber. His co-workers drank excessively and soon Frank was addicted to alcohol. He became acquainted with hardcore bikers, who realized that because of his intimidating size and fearlessness, he would be a powerful debt collector to those who owed them money.

“Frank is the reason some Danes sit in a wheelchair today,” Johs said.

Frank’s addiction grew after a work-related back injury. While enduring five surgeries, he was given morphine for the pain. Constant use of drugs and drinking began to make him hallucinate. Often, he would sit at a bar talking to invisible companions, which terrified the other patrons. On one occasion, Frank fought the police, resulting in being sent to prison.

When Frank was stablilized, officials released him to a Christian treatment center. He began going to church and, after several months, gave his life to the Lord. The voices disappeared, his body began healing and he drank in the Word, thirsting for God instead of alcohol. He cried for the first time since breaking his father’s arm. He married a Christian girl he met at the center and today they have a family.

Frank became an avid follower of Christ, winning his parents to Christ and many members in the hardcore biker community.

He and Johs became friends. Then one weekend, Frank was in a terrible accident and was taken to intensive care. His leg was broken in three places and his heel destroyed. His back was broken again. The men of Exodus and Frank’s family prayed sincerely. Frank went home in a wheelchair.

For four years, Johs rolled him to biker festivals. They dreamed about going to Sweden on their bikes when Frank was healed. One evening Frank’s wife Bente went to a meeting where they prayed for people to be healed. She told the team about Frank, and they went home with her to pray for him. They prayed sincerely and the Great Physician reached down with a heavenly touch.

“You are healed, Frank,” the team said, “stand up and walk!”

He did and great rejoicing filled the room.

The next morning, Frank called Johs and told him of the miracle. Johs rushed over.

“When Frank came out, I felt the same as the people must have when Jesus called Lazarus out of the grave,” Johs said. “Hallelujah!”

Frank has since bought a new motorcycle and he travels with Exodus MC to talk to people about Jesus.

The next time you see or hear a roar of a bike, say a prayer for all those brave men and women like those in Exodus who are being ambassadors for Christ to introduce men and women to their belonging in the Kingdom of God.leif.johs-bikers

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