Editor’s note: The following story is a good example of how Nazarene churches minister to those who are in spiritual bondage. In many places people not only have to turn to Christ, but in doing so they also have to turn away from all other spiritual powers. Yet, some discover that they are overpowered and need to be set free by the authority of Christ. Prayer, fasting, counselling and discipling go hand in hand. Multiple testimonies show the power of Christ to bring freedom and true transformation.

DEHLI, INDIA — Dharmendar was born and brought up in a very poor family. Due to poverty he wasn’t able to get much education.

When he was 12 years of age, his family decided to migrate to Delhi in search of jobs for better earning.

Dharmender has two brothers and two sisters. To be able to help the family meet their needs, he started working in a tea shop as a child laborer.

Dharmender met a girl from Odhisa and married her in 2010. After marriage, his wife started exhibiting strange behaviors. He realized that she was tormented by an evil spirit. In seeking a remedy for her, he went deep into financial debt. He became depressed by his entire life situation.

One day, Dharmendar’s older sister suggested that he take his wife to a local church. Dharmender had no clear idea of what the church was all about, other than that it was a Christian temple. He had never been to one before. Thinking that he had tried everything else he knew to do for his wife without success, Dharmender took her to a local church.

As soon as they entered the church, his wife started yelling and shouting, “Why am I brought here? I will kill myself!” Dharmender was shocked by her violent reaction.

The pastor prayed for his wife, and she calmed. But after they returned home, she was again tormented by the spirit.

“I was so saddened by this and kept on wandering here and there and even wanted to take her to various temples,” Dharmender said. “But my sister insisted that I should continue to take her to the church for prayers.”

A few months later, Dharmender moved to a different rented house in the city. There he searched for a  different local church and found a Nazarene church. He reached out to the pastor, Amar Singh (photo above).

The pastor took a holistic, discipleship approach. Before praying for his wife, Dharmender recalled, “Pastor Amar Singh counseled with me first and then with my family as well. He started visiting our family with other church members and constantly prayed for my wife and my family until she got totally free from the demon.”

Dharmender has become a regular member of the Nazarene church, along with his family. As a family they are growing in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Singh is constantly discipling them. They view him as a member of their family, now.

The Lord has blessed Dharmender and his wife with two children. His family life is totally changed. With peace in his home, Dharmender has been able to devote his time and attention to launching a cooking gas supply business of his own.

Dharmender requests continued prayers for his family and their future.

According to the promise of Jesus Matthew 11:28, He provides rest to the heavy laden. He continues to fulfill his promises in every aspect of life for those who trust him and go to him.

Written by Rev. Akash Singh and previously published in 2018 June edition of Where Worlds Meet.

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