SeFlood 2asonal floods have ravaged parts of Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh in the last six to eight weeks, reportedly submerging 34 churches in Bangladesh, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in Bangladesh is hurrying to respond.

Currently, the flood situation in the northern districts of the country has worsened as vast 
areas were inundated afresh, leaving thousands of people stranded. The rise in the water level of the river Choto Jamuna and the Atrai flowing across Naogaon district has left about 200,000 people in the area marooned.

The flood has affected 34 churches in Naogoan and Joypurha and 7,000 households along with church members. Their homes are now under water with little to eat and diarrhea and disease on the rise. Immediate relief is very essential for the church members as well as for the community people to survive. Communication and transportation have been disrupted, cutting off neighboring communities. Electricity power has not been reestablished. There is no way to cook food due to rain and water logging. Education facilities are also disrupted.

The government has requested all the non-government organizations to expand their helping hands to the affected people in this critical time.

A team has been sent to observe the situation and to assess the needs and their loss using a simple survey sheet. NCM is planning to provide dry food to the 1,500 households and other community people as their immediate needs to be met. For this reason, it is spending 100,000 taka (1,287 USD) from its reserve fund to address these essentials.
They need the below assistance to survive:

• Dry Food (immediate need- Dry Food (Pressed rice, Sugar/Gur, Water Purifying Tablets etc.)

• Safe Drinking water

• Temporary Shelter (Tarpaulin/ Tenth/ Canopy)

• Food Package (rice, dal, oil, sugar, salt)

• House building materials (CI sheet, cement pillar, rope, and others)

• Sanitation Items (Ring Slab, Fench)

• Emergency Medical Service after receding the water

• Job

Flood 9In addition, Cyclone Hudhud is heading toward north Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, along the east coast of India, and is predicted to make landfall on 12 October with wind speeds possibly reaching 120 to 140 kilometers per hour, according to

Please pray that God will intervene and that the storm will not intensify or cause destruction or loss of life at the region in its path.

Please pray for those who are suffering as a result of the floods, as well as for our churches and personnel who are responding to these desperate needs.

To give to this relief, visit and choose “disaster relief” from the drop down menu.