From 1st – 26th of February, the Italian District have invited everyone to give up the luxury of a coffee a day and set aside that amount of money for the Alabaster offering. The motto is “One coffee a day to build around” (in Italian it is a rhyme).
NMI District President Vania Fink tells us,
“We gave each member of the churches a container were they can put, every day, the amount of money they saved in giving up a coffee.
A couple of churches handed out little jute bags that look like bales of coffee, another church handed out paper envelopes with coffee beans glued on the outside.
In our culture, coffee is a very important thing. Italians drink a lot of coffee with colleagues, with the family after every main meal, or just to have a break at work or at home and, many of us like to drink good coffee at the Café which costs 1-1,20 Euro for a small cup of espresso.
We hope we will collect a good Alabaster Offering.”
We love this creative way to support the Alabaster Offering!
You can find out more information about the Offering here.