At the end of April, the Albania and Kosovo district held a Pastoral Family retreat. It was organized by District Superintendent Ergest Biti, with a goal to create an environment of rest, relaxation, prayer, and worship. The district itself is in a time of transition, from a global district superintendent to a local one, so for Biti it was important that the district spend as much time as possible with each other to form a sense of belonging and identity.

Central Europe Field Strategy Coordinator Jay Sunberg led the weekend’s devotions, along with sessions from pastors Hans Deventer and Erik Groeneveld, from the Netherlands. The retreat focused on what it means to be a Nazarene, remembering the denomination’s history and roots. 

When asked about what he wanted to see from this retreat, Ergest said, “Being a local pastor myself, I know how important it is to spend time with other pastors, to share with each other about challenges we face, to be thanked for the work we do daily, and also to rest. I wanted to really thank the pastors for all they have done and enjoy their time. The time we spent with each other really helped us to reconnect and hear what God is doing in our ministry. My hope is that everyone was energized after this weekend to keep on doing the work God has called each one to do.” 

As the retreat ended, attendees laid hands on each pastor in prayer, encouraging and blessing them as they stepped back into their local context to do the work of the Kingdom.

– story and photos shared by Rev. Ergest Biti, Albania and Kosovo District Superintendent