Community, compassion, evangelism, and spiritual growth were all in focus at a recent immersive retreat for young adults in Armenia. Over three days, 103 people came together, each with a desire to explore or deepen their faith. 

In the serene city of Hankavan, church leaders provided workshops on mentorship and evangelism, sharing stories of guidance and support. Speakers challenged and empowered retreat participants, encouraging them to support others’ spiritual journeys by developing their own mentoring skills. Discussions centered on the importance of reaching out to the “one” who may be seeking faith.

Compassionate ministry workshops and opportunities were also offered, opening participants’ hearts to better understand the struggles faced by others.  On the last day of the retreat, attendees launched a fundraiser for a local family facing challenges. Their collective efforts raised an impressive sum of 46,000 Armenian drams—more than $100 USD—a testament to their commitment to effect change. 

The retreat’s theme, “Journey of Grace,” sought to foster unity and encourage young adults attending to embrace their roles as ambassadors of Christ’s love and grace.

Local church leaders remain committed to providing ongoing support, guidance, and opportunities for growth, ensuring that this flourishing generation of young adults remains empowered to make a lasting impact within their communities and beyond.

story and photos shared by Lusine Melkonyan, Armenia NYI District President