For nearly a year, the Church of the Nazarene with the help of NCM Croatia “Djela Ljubavi” has been dedicatedly serving at a refugee centre near Zagreb. As the new school year began, the church took the initiative to host a heartwarming event called ‘Back to School’ for children.

During this event, they generously distributed 30 school kits to Ukrainian children who were returning to physical classrooms for the first time since the onset of the war. The ongoing war forced these young learners into the world of online education. However, with the realization that the war’s end was not imminent, many Ukrainian parents made a crucial decision to enrol their children in Croatian schools.

For numerous Ukrainian families, maintaining a stable income has been challenging, making it even more daunting to cover the expenses associated with education. As a result, the ‘Back to School’ event held significant meaning for both parents and children alike. NCM coordinator Martin Glendenning shared, ‘Receiving new school supplies felt like Christmas to them,’ capturing the profound impact of the initiative.

– shared from NCM Croatia