The fifth national meeting of the Nazarene Missions International (NMI) of Brazil took place in the city of Conde, Paraíba, with the theme: “Until He comes.”

The event, held 26-28 April 2024, was attended by approximately 200 mission leaders under the leadership of the mission coordinator for national NMI, Antônio Carlos.

Rubens Rodrigues, superintendent of the Northeast Central District, opened the meeting on Friday night with an inspiring message highlighting the responsibility and vocation of missionaries.

On Saturday morning, the church started with a speech from Alcimar Santos, superintendent of the Rio Grande do Norte District. After the devotional, Agatha Heap presented the attendees with training on the theme “Doing and living missional prayer,” followed by a talk from João Milesi on “Missionary profile.”

Saturday afternoon sessions included Sidney Xaxá’s rich testimonies from day-to-day experiences of the mission and Brian Heap’s thematic presentation of “Financing God’s Mission,” addressing the importance of being financially organized to support God’s mission.

José Pontes closed the afternoon lectures by addressing the topic “Caring for those who care,” which emphasizes the need to care for the physical and mental welfare of pastors, missionaries, and their families in order to have a healthy church. In the evening, there was another extraordinary service with special presentations of Brazilian northeastern culture and preaching by Alcimar Santos.

On Sunday morning, Felipe Fulanetto, national secretary of NMI, spoke on “Mobilization Strategies.” The event closed with a message from Manuel Lima, director of the Brazil sub-region, and the Communion that followed. Lima’s message challenged those in attendance to remain firm in God’s mission.

Furthermore, all participants declared the commitment that “Until Jesus comes, we pray for the lost; until he comes, we announce Christ; until he comes, we sustain God’s mission; until he comes, we care for those who are sent; and until he comes, we stay true to our Creator.”


-shared from Church of the Nazarene South America Region