Shared by Diane Robbins, Eurasia Region NMI Coordinator

I had the amazing honor of speaking at the first ever Armenia women’s retreat!

The event center, surrounded by rolling hills and evergreen trees, was the ideal spot for hosting the Armenia districts first ever women’s conference. Thirty-five attendees from all over the country joined together, representing five churches including one new start.

The two-day event covered such topics as the woman’s role in the Bible and in today’s church, managing resources, Christian parenting, and being the salt and light of the church.

A highlight of the event was the baptism of new believers. Trino Jara, Eurasia North Field Strategy Coordinator, began by saying “Baptism does not belong to any church or religion. It was given to us by God.” Together with Reverend Seyran Vardanyan, they baptized six women including 82-year-old Mariam.

Event planner, Armine Ananyan shared, “I have a wonderful team who helped me to organize and implement this his beautiful event. I dreamed and prayed for three years to have this women’s gathering. Praise God for giving us this opportunity to come together! We are filled with the Holy Spirit to go back to our homes and serve better in our church and community.”

The finale of the event was a joint communion service with the youth of the Armenia District who held a concurrent retreat.

Our sincere gratitude to those who help us serve where the Lord has called us.

photos shared by Jonathan Daugherty