A district NYI weekend retreat took place on the 2nd and 3rd of September in Hajdúhadház, Hungary. We didn’t originally plan to have an NYI event at this time but since many people said they wanted an extra retreat we were happy to organize one! Around 15 people got together, representing 2 churches. The theme for the weekend was “finding a reliable point in a world full of change”.

The past few months have been full of change and uncertainty which can be a source of anxiety and fear for everyone. We wanted to use this retreat as a reminder to our youth that we have a God that is above everything and always takes care of us. We can and we should turn to Him in times when unpredictability seems greater than ever. Eszter Gyarmati, a district NYI board member from Hajdúhadház church, agreed to share a series of devotions that focused on her personal experience and ways that God helped her push through times of uncertainty and trials. Young people seemed really interested in the devotion and we believe it really gave us things to think about in our daily lives.

Over the weekend we played both team building games and board games. The best aspect of these District events is the opportunity to come together and catch up on people’s lives. You get to talk about things you’re thankful for and things you need prayer support with. The fact that the board was asked to organize an extra NYI event proves that young Christians need the fellowship of other like-minded youth.

We have our bi-yearly NYI day coming up in October, where we will be admitting 6 new members into NYI. These young people have been a part of our events for years now and they now want to formally become part of NYI. We were of course very happy to hear that and are excited to be welcoming new members into our global NYI family.

Please pray for these young people and that we may be able to reach even more youth as they seek purpose, direction and a sense of belonging in their lives. May we be Christ-like disciples everywhere we go and spread the love of Jesus Christ so that people will want to be a part of our community.

– Gabor Veres, District NYI President Hungary