In the heart of Central Asia and nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Armenia, the church served as a hub for a transformative training session on Holistic Child Development, bringing together more than thirty dedicated leaders and visionaries. With 15 Child Development Centers across 5 countries, the Eurasia North Field impacts nearly 1,000 children and they are committed to making them a priority in all of their ministries.

The leaders that took part delved into discussions, workshops, and shared experiences that aimed to unearth the most effective ways to support children and families in their diverse communities. The training, led by Carissa Roche, the Global HCD coordinator & Kati Rucker, the Eurasia Regional HCD Coordinator, not only focused on theoretical frameworks but also encouraged a hands-on, practical approach to ensure that the knowledge gained would be immediately applicable.

Crystal Gibbons, the NCM field coordinator, reflected on the significance of the gathering, saying, “This training was more than just an educational experience. It was an opportunity for leaders from different regions to come together, exchange ideas, and collectively strategize on how we can best serve the children God has entrusted to our care.”

There was a collaborative spirit during the training sessions that helped to foster a sense of unity among the participants. As they explored innovative approaches to community engagement, educational strategies, and holistic well-being. Discussing everything from child protection practices to ways we can support stronger emotional health in children to child sponsorship through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

One of the local leaders summarized, “God truly blessed our time together. It’s not just about the knowledge gained; it’s about the relationships formed and the shared commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the people in our communities.”

The story of this transformative training session is not just about the lessons learned but the promise of a community united in its dedication to holistic child development and nurturing a better future for children and families.

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– shared by Crystal Gibbons, NCM Eurasia North Field Coordinator