In pursuit of the Eurasia Region’s desire to “make Christ-like disciples” through comprehensive and holistic education, the Nazarene Youth International (NYI) continues to provide local leaders with opportunities for growth and development through the NEXUS training program.

On April 23-24, 2024, 43 young people from across Nepal gathered to participate in the first round of Nexus (Nexus Core). The training was held in Bagdole Lalitpur and was facilitated by Amy Warner, Alyssa Weir, and Vijay Bhalerao. Local leaders Daniel Khatri, Biren Rai, and District Superintendent Ganga Mukhiya organized and coordinated the event, and also helped facilitate various sections.

The participants displayed a passion for learning and growing in their calling to serve in their local areas!

The training was divided into sections with intervals for worship, devotionals, and shared meals. Participants had the opportunity to showcase their musical talents during worship breaks, enthusiastically raising their voices in praise to God. During the Nexus training sessions, participants remained engaged, asking questions and sharing insights. The leaders noted how impressed they were by how well the participants absorbed the material and how eagerly they sought to apply what they have learned in their local churches. At the conclusion of the training, local leaders helped develop plans for the participants to complete their portfolio assignments before meeting again for Nexus Explore. The date for the second part of Nexus is yet to be determined.

Following the training, the facilitators joined the local NYI group for a time of worship and fellowship. The group worshipped, danced, played games, shared a meal, and enjoyed a beautiful day at a local botanical park.

It is evident that God is at work among the young people in Nepal. They are an inspiration for young people across the Eurasia region. We are excited to see the young people of Nepal utilize their gifts to serve God and others.

-written by Alyssa Weir