This week, we have had a special emphasis for World Refugee Day, which took place on Monday 20th June.

Below we have 2 interviews – Rafi, who is a Syrian refugee now living in Poland and Zee, who has recently been displaced from Ukraine and is currently living in Germany with her some of her family.

Please pray for Rafi, Zee and their families today as they share their lives and a glimpse of their journey with us.

Rafi – Poland

00:18 Who are you? Where are you from? Where do you live now?
01:39 What are some of the needs or challenges of people experiencing displacement?
03:56 How have you found God meeting your needs on your journey as a refugee?

Zee – Germany

00:07 Tell us a bit about yourself
00:34 What was helpful to you as a refugee?
03:20 What has been the hardest thing for you during this time?
04:52 When and why are you planning to of back to Ukraine?
07:15 How has God been working in this time?