On 25 August, 135 people were baptized in the North District of Bangladesh. They had given their lives to Jesus after watching the JESUS film, presented by two Nazarene JESUS Film teams conducting evangelism and discipleship in the North District.

During the baptism ceremony, Binoy, one of the 135, publicly testified about his journey toward accepting Jesus as his Savior:

About a year ago, I met Dhoroni, who had just become a Christian back then. That was my first ever encounter with a follower of Christ. One day, he invited me to his place to attend a prayer meeting. He took me to a presentation of the JESUS film. I was so touched to watch the film, and it changed my life.

I was born in a family [that follows another religion]. I spent my childhood worshiping handmade gods and goddesses, but I couldn’t find my peace of mind. Knowing Christ and accepting him in my life has enabled me to find the ultimate peace. Therefore, I decided to declare Him as my savior and acknowledge my relationship with God in public. This decision led me to be baptized along with 134 other villagers.

“Love God; love others…” Four simple words that embrace the core of my faith. They summarize God’s commands and what Jesus taught and demonstrated. I love how they are symbolized during baptism. Believers enter the water professing that Jesus is Lord and leave the water with tangible reminders to share Jesus’ love. I am convinced that when I stand in heaven, all that will be asked is if my earthly life shows that I love God and love others

Baptism is more than an outward expression of an inward decision. It has been a process of knowing God through the JESUS film and then deciding to take this step of faith for the people of this area.

Rev. Sotten, Rev. Jagat and Rev. Kalipodo led the baptism ceremony, along with the North District superintendent, and Milon, who is the JESUS Film country coordinator.

“We have been trying to win these hearts of the villagers for months,” said Rev. Sotten. “Finally, God has spoken to them, and we baptized 135 people in His name.”

This has only been possible for the grace of God. May we keep knowing him and make him known.

*Full names and locations omitted for security reasons